Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Remix Roundup: Valentine's Day Outfits

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

I still can't believe we're already in the second month of the year! If you're like most girls, you've probably already started planning your outfit for February 14th (guilty). I don't really do anything to celebrate Valentine's Day, but I've always enjoyed having another excuse to dress up! I, like most people, usually go for something pink or red, but I also like to throw in a black & white print such as polka dots, houndstooth, or even stripes! Only one of these outfits I've listed was actually worn on V Day (the one with the red coat), but the others could work just as well!

What are you planning to wear this year? Red? Pink? Some other random color? All black? Do you not care? No judgement here.

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Friday, January 31, 2014

January through Instagram

  • I kicked off January (and the new year) in Cambridge, Massachusetts at a concert to see a "funk rock" band called Bad Rabbits! It definitely topped every previous NYE I ever had!
  • This was during the northeast snow storm that hit early January! I was so excited to venture out into the fresh fallen snow for the first time.
  • Lots of days in Massachusetts were spent like this. Just hanging out inside, watching the snow, and keeping cozy.
  • My first time sledding! It was actually kind of scary, or maybe I'm just a wuss haha. It was still fun though!
  • Back in Austin. Back to warmer temperatures. It was good to be home!
  • This was at my friend's bridal shower! Her wedding is next week, and I'm a bridesmaid! I'm so excited for her big day (as you can tell from my facial expression ;) haha)!
  • A quick snapshot on a lazy Sunday. Pretty sure I spent this whole day watching Game of Thrones. A day well spent, obviously.
  • Snow in Austin! It was barely anything at all, but it was enough to make the entire city basically shut down. Oh, Texans...
  • The best part of January: I got a job!! I now work full-time for a digital marketing company, and I couldn't be happier! Seriously, after months of nothing but interviews, this was the biggest weight off my shoulders.

According to the Chinese Zodiac calendar, 2014 is the Year of the Horse (which is my zodiac sign)! I think it really will be a good year for me, and judging from all the luck I had in January, it's already off to a great start! Bring it on, February.

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pale is the New Tan

{ f21 sweater, plaid shirt & skirt; mom's coat; Marshall's tights; ModCloth shoes }

During my two week stay in Massachusetts, I must have dropped at least ten shades of whatever skin color I am. I even wore red lipstick basically everyday just to keep myself from blending into the snow completely, ha!

I have two liquid foundations I like to use (one for the warmer months & one for the colder months), and I accidentally put on the wrong one the other night making my face look like an actual orange compared to the rest of my pale self. No one said anything about it, so either it was too dark to notice or people were just being polite. I'll pretend it was the first one.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014


{ f21 sweatshirt, coat, jeans, & hat; thrifted gingham shirt; DSW boots }

A few months ago I blogged about how I was really into clothing/accessories with donuts on them, and then I received this awesome sweatshirt for my birthday! Ahhh I love it so much! I also love all the weird looks I get when I wear it in public. And of course, wearing this gave me a craving for an actual donut! The carbs and sugar were totally worth it for these pics.

I've had these boots for years, but I never realized just how destroyed they were until looking through these photos. I kept hanging on to them because they were so comfy, and I used to always get compliments on them. Alas, I finally decided it was time to say goodbye to them for good. Hopefully someone at Goodwill can find a use for them (or they might have just gone in the trash... depending on what my mom decided to do with them, haha).

This post was brought to you by Dunkin Donuts. Okay, no it wasn't. I just really enjoy their donuts.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Chill Out

{ f21 sweater, plaid, jeans, & hat; mom's coat; borrowed snow boots; Target earmuffs, scarf & gloves }

It's funny how these photos look so easygoing and carefree when in reality, I'm just trying to look presentable and not freeze to death at the same time. We were right next to this giant frozen river which made the wind chill even more unbearable! Like my face literally hurt, you guys. I'm only laughing in these pics because I was on the brink of going insane from the cold, ha!

Seriously, every other frame looked exactly like this:

That is the face of pure agony.

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